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Domino Freeware : Servers performance monitoring


This tool is a Domino Database wich perform every 30 minutes a benchmark on a defined list of servers. (WebServers, SQL Servers, Domino Servers, Ping (All servers), Filer)
Benchmark are fully customizable, Excel export available.

Benchmark Types


Copy this NSF file on a Domino server :  Download ServerPerformanceMonitoring.nsf, open it and click on the button “Sign database”
Ensure your login have right to execute scheduled agents on the domino server, and click on “Enable scheduled monitoring”

Click on “Create document” for each of the server to monitor
Select a type of benchmark and enter your parameters

Each benchmark type have different parameters, an example is given for each of them. When several parameters are required, the separator is |
Press the buttons “Save” then “Test”
Click on the Benchmarks view, the press F9 to update it, you should see the result of the test

To get all results in Excel, press "Export to Excel" from the homepage


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