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Freeware to audit windows workstations

This software has been designed to audit Windows workstations.
Various informations are collected on a centralized Database, including : Installed software, performance, boot delay, benchmark for CPU and disk, free disk space, software running at startup, etc...
All source code are included (C# and MS-Access)

I.          Description
This system comprise 3 elements : A software running on the workstation, a file server storing the reports, a software to analyse reports

II.         Workstation Audit Software
The Workstation Audit Software M.D.P. is written in C#, the source code is here, to run the .Net Framework V2 must be installed first.
The Workstation Audit Software is a single EXE - It is a console application C# : Program.CS

To update the software you need the C# compiler, you can download a free version here :
The Workstation Audit Software is collecting theses informations :

The Workstation Audit Software  (MDP.EXE) should be running on the workstation at startup. You may copy it on the workstation, then create a shortcut into the /Start/Program/Start menu
Before deployement of The Workstation Audit Software MDP.EXE You must update the Path where the report will be created. To do this, update Program.CS and give a Path on a filer available from all Workstation with Write Access, and compile it


III.       Workstation Reports
Reports are text files. here it is an exemple :
DateHeure = 28/02/2008 17:13:46
UpTime en secondes = 28977
Processeur Name = Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T7100  @ 1.80GHz
Processeur MHZ = 1795
Bios BaseBoardManufacturer = Sony Corporation
Bios BaseBoardProduct = VAIO
Bios SystemProductName = VGN-FZ11E
Disk Size C: Mo = 109532631040
Disk FreeSpace C: Mo = 21375451136
Espace MesDocuments (Mo) = 7964464
Espace MonBureau (Mo) = 116681
Espace ApplicationData (Mo) = 223255
Logiciels installés = Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007
Logiciels installés = Archiveur WinRAR
Logiciels installés = DSD Playback Plug-in
Logiciels installés = MSXML4 Parser
Logiciels installés = Sony Video Shared Library
Logiciels installés = VAIO Media
Logiciels installés = Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Logiciels installés = Paint.NET v3.10
Logiciels installés = Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007
Logiciels installés = Update for Outlook 2007 Junk Email Filter (kb943597)
Logiciels installés = 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Logiciels installés = 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Logiciels installés = Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007
Logiciels installés = Lotus Notes 8.0 fr
Software Run on startup = Windows Defender
Software Run on startup = Apoint
Software Run on startup = Windows Mobile Device Center
Software Run on startup = NvCplDaemon
Software Run on startup = NvMediaCenter
Processes (name,Read-Ko,Write-Ko,OtherIO-Ko,WorkingSetSize-Ko,PageFileUsage-Ko,Time-Sec) = System Idle Process,0,0,0,24,0,47470,
Processes (name,Read-Ko,Write-Ko,OtherIO-Ko,WorkingSetSize-Ko,PageFileUsage-Ko,Time-Sec) = System,1476,180364,24660,7600,0,98,
Processes (name,Read-Ko,Write-Ko,OtherIO-Ko,WorkingSetSize-Ko,PageFileUsage-Ko,Time-Sec) = smss.exe,4,0,16,736,0,0,
Processes (name,Read-Ko,Write-Ko,OtherIO-Ko,WorkingSetSize-Ko,PageFileUsage-Ko,Time-Sec) = winlogon.exe,18,0,35,5648,1,0,
Processes (name,Read-Ko,Write-Ko,OtherIO-Ko,WorkingSetSize-Ko,PageFileUsage-Ko,Time-Sec) = svchost.exe,4,5,1914,7244,3,77,
Processes (name,Read-Ko,Write-Ko,OtherIO-Ko,WorkingSetSize-Ko,PageFileUsage-Ko,Time-Sec) = svchost.exe,1,1,12,8184,4,2,
Processes (name,Read-Ko,Write-Ko,OtherIO-Ko,WorkingSetSize-Ko,PageFileUsage-Ko,Time-Sec) = svchost.exe,59670,236,562,22340,20,16,
Processes (name,Read-Ko,Write-Ko,OtherIO-Ko,WorkingSetSize-Ko,PageFileUsage-Ko,Time-Sec) = VCSExpress.exe,5077,596,661,80064,48,13,
Processes (name,Read-Ko,Write-Ko,OtherIO-Ko,WorkingSetSize-Ko,PageFileUsage-Ko,Time-Sec) = MDP.vshost.exe,302,115,30774,26668,27,34,
Processes (name,Read-Ko,Write-Ko,OtherIO-Ko,WorkingSetSize-Ko,PageFileUsage-Ko,Time-Sec) = WmiPrvSE.exe,32,0,2,6572,3,0,
Ticks écoulés pour Benchmark disque = 1263
Ticks écoulés pour Benchmark CPU = 1077
IV.       Workstation Reports analyser Module
This software is a Microsoft-Access aplication
Before using the Workstation Reports analyser Module « Analyse MDP.mdb » it is required to update the File-Path where the reports are stored in
Open the Module « ImportationDonnées » Update the Constant as displayed below

Before using the Workstation Reports analyser Module Analyse MDP.mdb click on the button « Importation Fichiers » from the home page, this will update the database with all reports found
Press F5 to update the list.


Reports are stored in 4 tables, as explained below :

Note : Disk spaces are always in Ko not in Mo
Note : Benchmarks tick are millisecondes

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