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Installing Awstats for Domino on Linux/Fedora

AWstats ( ) is a software that generates advanced server statistics graphically.
This document describe how to install it on a Domino server running on Fedora/Linux
The proposed configuration include 4 additionals reports to display the most used search keywords for the 3 most popular search engines.
This document describe how to install MaxMind plug-in (Free version) to get visitor's city.





Awstats Installation

Open the server console, log in with root, and enter the following commands :  
  • rpm -Uvh
  • cp /usr/local/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/* /local/notesdata/domino/cgi-bin -r
  • cp /usr/local/awstats/tools/* /local/notesdata/domino/cgi-bin -r
  • mkdir /local/notesdata/domino/html/awstats
  • cp /usr/local/awstats/wwwroot/* /local/notesdata/domino/html/awstats/ -r
  • mkdir /local/notesdata/domino/html/awstats
  • cp /usr/local/awstats/wwwroot/* /local/notesdata/domino/html/awstats/ -r
For Awstats V7 :
  • chown notes:notes /local/notesdata/domino/cgi-bin/* -R
  • chmod u+rw /local/notesdata/domino/cgi-bin/* -R
  • chmod 777 /local/notesdata/domino/cgi-bin/lib
  • chmod 777 /local/notesdata/domino/cgi-bin/lang
  • chmod 777 /local/notesdata/domino/cgi-bin/plugins
  • chmod 777 /local/notesdata/domino/cgi-bin/webmin
  • chmod 777 /local/notesdata/domino/cgi-bin/xslt
  • chmod 777 /local/notesdata/domino/cgi-bin/*.pl
  • chown notes:notes /local/notesdata/domino/html/awstats/* -R
  • chmod u+rw /local/notesdata/domino/html/awstats/* -R

Awstats Configuration

The second step is to configure Awstats.  A configuration file is given here :
Download awstats.domino.conf-----.txt

On the server console enter vi /local/notesdata/domino/cgi-bin/awstats.domino.conf , then enter i to go into insert mode, then paste the content of the configuration file download on the previous step.
In the configuration file replace §§§§§§§ by your server domain name ( for example)
Then on VI press the following 3 characters (including the two dots)   :wq

MaxMind Installation (Free Version)
On the server console enter the following commands :  
If Perl is not already installed do :
  • yum install perl-devel
  • yum install perl-libwww-perl

 If make is not installed (Opensuse) do :
  • zypper in make

Then install the plug-in Maxmind with the following commands :

Domino server configuration

With a Lotus Notes client, open the server configuration document, and enter the parameters as shown below :

You can now open the statistics with a browser at this address http://§§§§/cgi-bin/  (replace §§§§ by your server domain name)

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